From the Desk, Remix! – Culture Former or Culture Formed?

Culture former or culture formed? As individuals, and especially as creatives, we are a part of the prevailing culture. But I was struck by a question today of how much we have been formed by the culture we are in? Another way we could look at this is by reframing the question - culture consumer… Continue reading From the Desk, Remix! – Culture Former or Culture Formed?

From the Desk – Remix! – Create or Recreate?

Create or Recreate? One is new and the other is copying - right? One way to look at creativity is as an expression of thoughts, ideas, emotions, giving a voice to the accumulation of what has entered us at a particular point in life. In a very real sense we are recreating all of those… Continue reading From the Desk – Remix! – Create or Recreate?

From the Desk Remix! – Ignore the Noise.

Ignore the noise. The first thing to do is work out what your 'noise' is. So what is the 'noise'? The 'noise' maybe different for each one of us. To be the most creative you can be, you might need silence. I need music. My first completed novel was written to an Ellie Goulding album… Continue reading From the Desk Remix! – Ignore the Noise.

From the Desk Remix! The One Thing.

I've been thinking a lot recently about the 'one thing'. There is so much advice out there telling us to focus on one thing and become a master of it - this is the path of the successful. There is no shortage of examples to prove this 'rule'. But what if your creativity takes you… Continue reading From the Desk Remix! The One Thing.

From the Desk Remix! – The October Country.

Yesterday was the last day of September. It has passed quickly. There is more darkness and the rains have returned. The end of a month is like walking through a doorway. Your back is to where you have come from and there is quickly a barrier between you and it. You are now in a… Continue reading From the Desk Remix! – The October Country.

From the Desk Remix! – 4 Billion Bits!

The weather summary for today - It rained. It stopped raining. It rained. It stopped raining. It rained . . . Our brains like to sift things into easy categories. It makes sense. It is like a type of short hand. Have you tried to write down notes on a webinar, zoom meeting, or at… Continue reading From the Desk Remix! – 4 Billion Bits!

Discard What You Don’t Need.

This is an easy piece of advice to agree with. Until we open a drawer, or look in a cupboard, or try and find a file on our computers. There are lots of reasons and theories about how and why we accumulate so much stuff and our parents, spouses or partners, and professionals, telling us… Continue reading Discard What You Don’t Need.

The ‘Chicken and the Egg’ Guide for Creatives?

It is a common catchphrase - which came first, the chicken or the egg? - which appears to have a simple answer, either way, until you come to justify it. Apparently, it was Plutarch which first posed the question in the 1st Century AD, addressing the problems of origin and first cause. Aristotle, writing four… Continue reading The ‘Chicken and the Egg’ Guide for Creatives?


Having expectations and an overall aim are widely believed to be useful for success. Some suggest that to be truly successful you have to break everything down into stages and specific blocks of thought and action. Many people do achieve what they set out to using this style of methodology. Sometimes, however, we are not… Continue reading Discard.

Creative Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the new mantra covering a lot of areas from simple meditation to a mental health checklist. Some meditation and mindfulness techniques exhort you to think of 'nothing'. Hit the eco-setting, dim the screen, go to a blank screen rather than screensaver. If you are a creative then this is probably impossible. If you… Continue reading Creative Mindfulness.