From the Desk Remix! – Ignore the Noise.

Ignore the noise.

The first thing to do is work out what your ‘noise’ is.

So what is the ‘noise’?

The ‘noise’ maybe different for each one of us.

To be the most creative you can be, you might need silence.

I need music. My first completed novel was written to an Ellie Goulding album set to repeat. That cut out my ‘noise’.

If my mind wandered it only got as far as the music and after a few chapters I knew the entire album inside out!

Part of ignoring the noise is to be clear about what you are doing and why.

Sports people are generally very good at ignoring the noise. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t there, but they are able to focus on the one thing that matters at that moment in time. And they have usually trained themselves to do this.

As creatives we can also train ourselves. We learn the skills of our creative focus, so we can learn to stay focused on the creative output.

Try this quick checklist:

What is your focus and why?

  • I am going to write chapter 3 of my novel which concludes the introduction to the main character.

What is your usual noise?

  • Other people and the dogs

How to ignore the noise –

  • tell the other people you are going to write for 90 minutes to get chapter 3 completed
  • let the dogs out and give them a treat.

Sounds simple?

It is and it isn’t.

Sometimes the noise changes. Sometimes the noise is us.

As an athelete changes their training regime towards maximum performance, so we need to do the same.

Most major competitions take place every four years, so a training regime is a four year plan.

Your creative outcomes will have their own time frames, so bear those in mind and craft your own training regime.

This focus will help you ignore the noise.

From the Desk Remix! The One Thing.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the ‘one thing’.

There is so much advice out there telling us to focus on one thing and become a master of it – this is the path of the successful.

There is no shortage of examples to prove this ‘rule’.

But what if your creativity takes you in more than one direction?

What then?

Well, you choose the one thing, obviously . . .

Or do you?

There are a number of examples which spring to mind of creatives who have excelled at more than one thing in their lives.

Whatever happened to that Da Vinci fellow anyway?

I don’t believe multi-creatives are the exceptions.

We are all made to be creative, so we all have the potential to create in any sphere.

We may display a tendency towards a particular creative outlet – writing, art, music – but we shouldn’t be dissuaded from working in more than one field of expression.

Time is an essential part of the process of course and this maybe why we are advised to pursue just one thing.

The more time we spend being creative, the more we learn and acquire new skills.

It is easier to focus time and effort in just one direction.

If, like me, you are drawn in several directions, pursue them all.

Work out where they overlap or intersect. Does one strengthen another? Is one a byproduct of another?

Poetry can become song lyrics. Studying art and artists, informs your images, but also give you a lot of knowledge which can be shared along side your creative output. Music can be inspired from your art or writing.

I am aware I am thinking quite narrowly.

What creative combinations can you come up with?