Day 469 – The Saturday Answer.

The usual recap to begin . . .

. . . The Friday Question was, What specific style/genre/type of writing is the one you most want to write?

And my Saturday Answer is . . .

. . . One which changes all the time! If I read a thriller, then I want to write a thriller. If I read a detective/mystery novel, then that is what I want to write. And so on . . . But the type of writing which is constant, no matter what I am reading, is sports writing.

There are some great sports writers in the UK but the outlets are either through newspapers or sport specific monthly magazines. There is a growing number of weekly ‘newspapers’ specifically for sport but they generally tend to be match reports rather than anything in-depth pieces on teams/players/coaches. The rise of Podcasts has really begun to unearth some great content, which would equally be great to see in writing.

A UK version of Sports Illustrated would be outstanding.

I tend to be slightly negative about my own sports writing as I am not a great ‘fill it full of stats/facts’ kind of guy, but more focused on stories and trends.

Sports writing is an area I intend to devote more time to developing.

What’s your Saturday Answer to the Friday Question?

Day 447 – The Friday Question.

This one comes with a little bit of inspiration from a book I’ve been listening to, by Adam Nicholson, about the Romantic Poets Coleridge and Wordsworth’s time in the Quantocks.

In an early chapter it is detailed that Wordsworth was in the habit of borrowing quite a lot from others, owing to having little or no money. One such fellow kept a list of what was borrowed, and in one entry he details that the soon to be one of the most famous poets in the English language borrowed 4 sheets of paper.

So here is The Friday Question . . .

. . . If you only had four sheets of paper, what would you put on them?