From the Desk Remix! – Lots of Fish but only One Shark.

I think being creative is often the easiest part. Generally, I have no shortage of ideas and inspiration, whether it is writing or art. The problem comes in that they are often like a shoal of fish and I am in the middle of them. Even sharks find grabbing hold of just one of those… Continue reading From the Desk Remix! – Lots of Fish but only One Shark.

From the Desk Remix! – 4 Billion Bits!

The weather summary for today - It rained. It stopped raining. It rained. It stopped raining. It rained . . . Our brains like to sift things into easy categories. It makes sense. It is like a type of short hand. Have you tried to write down notes on a webinar, zoom meeting, or at… Continue reading From the Desk Remix! – 4 Billion Bits!

Discard What You Don’t Need.

This is an easy piece of advice to agree with. Until we open a drawer, or look in a cupboard, or try and find a file on our computers. There are lots of reasons and theories about how and why we accumulate so much stuff and our parents, spouses or partners, and professionals, telling us… Continue reading Discard What You Don’t Need.

Day 433 – Idea Notebook.

Some writers seem to swear by a notebook. Others swear at the mere suggestion of one. Most artists make sketches. Most musicians will record something on their mobiles - probably. Have some way of recording your thoughts, ideas, research, and inspirations, is essential. Too much happens to us on any given day to remember every… Continue reading Day 433 – Idea Notebook.