Creativity Update.

I have taken once again to writing my reflections upon a verse of the Bible each week day. As always I write what I most need to hear and do. I am conscious of more focus on individual words in this phase of writing than before. Then the whole verse was in consideration. Now it… Continue reading Creativity Update.

Day 467 – Creative Like Bill Belichick, Pt.2.

So yesterday I suggested that relatives could take inspiration/lessons from sports and hopefully I will convince you today. Bill Belichick is the most successful NFL coach ever because: He stays focused on the overall goal and works hard to achieve it He never goes through the motions and always trains with purpose He makes sure… Continue reading Day 467 – Creative Like Bill Belichick, Pt.2.

Day 466 – Creative Like Bill Belichick, Pt.1.

I'm not trying to alienate anyone here by mentioning the New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. I understand that the franchise and the coach are like Marmite - you love them or you hate them. For full disclosure I am a San Francisco 49ers fan, but as a sports coach you have got to… Continue reading Day 466 – Creative Like Bill Belichick, Pt.1.

23 Days in July 2019 – Le Tour – Stage 16.

The final week of the Tour has begun. The end is near. Expectations of a French victor - Alaphilippe or Pinot - has the home crowd on a high, but there is still plenty of opportunity for the non-French riders in the top six on GC. Team Ineos had two possible winners, with one being… Continue reading 23 Days in July 2019 – Le Tour – Stage 16.

Day 436 – Sunday Reflection.

Style. I re-watched the movie The Thomas Crown Affair the other night and Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway clearly had style, in both their personalities and their fashion. Creatively, I think we spend a long time trying to find our 'style'. Early works are often composites of our favourite writers/artists/musicians, as we learn new techniques… Continue reading Day 436 – Sunday Reflection.

Day 433 – Idea Notebook.

Some writers seem to swear by a notebook. Others swear at the mere suggestion of one. Most artists make sketches. Most musicians will record something on their mobiles - probably. Have some way of recording your thoughts, ideas, research, and inspirations, is essential. Too much happens to us on any given day to remember every… Continue reading Day 433 – Idea Notebook.

23 Days in July 2019 – Le Tour – Stage 11.

Like the anticipation of any big event, the few days before are nervous and conservative. In a bike race like the Tour de France all of the GC favourites become chess players, mindful and trying to think ahead as many moves as they are able. The difference being their eventual execution of those moves will… Continue reading 23 Days in July 2019 – Le Tour – Stage 11.

Day 432 – Dark-side of the Moon.

This isn't an inspired by Pink Floyd post - not that I have anything against the band. The anniversary of the lunar landings let people know what was on the side we all can gaze out of our windows and see. Sure, it took a lot of effort to get there, but very quickly we… Continue reading Day 432 – Dark-side of the Moon.

Day 425 – What’s Your Next Project?

There should always be a next project. What is it? Still finishing up on a current project? It doesn't matter. There should already be another project. How far through planning and scheduling it are you? Get on with it! I'll admit it is a fine line between dividing your creative focus between finishing your current… Continue reading Day 425 – What’s Your Next Project?

Day 423 – Back Catalogue.

As soon as we find a new artist who captures our attention we look for their back catalogue. For some writers/artists/musicians there is a lot to see/hear/read. For others, not so much. For some, the back catalogue is diverse and wide ranging. For others, not so much. There isn't a 'right' back catalogue. There just… Continue reading Day 423 – Back Catalogue.