Three Wishes When You Are Stuck In The Middle.

Via Seth Godin.

We all get stuck.

And it’s not always in mud with some friends to get us out, as in the playground game.

Normally, when we are in a creative ‘stuck’ there aren’t other people to ‘free’ us.

If you have a group of other creatives around you who can do this, then never let them get away from you – if they move city, so do you!

Seth Godin has the antidote to ‘stuck’ thankfully.

It is simple and priceless.

Read it in his own words.

I think you will agree – enough said . . .

. . . Now I’m off to do it!

Productivity isn’t always what you think.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Choose twenty books about being creative and they will tell you to produce!

They aren’t wrong.

If you are a creative then create.

I think it was Seth Godin who said, real artists ship.

I am not arguing with him.

If I am a writer, then I need to stand at my desk and write. I need to complete that novel.

Recently though, I’ve become more persuaded that productivity isn’t just the end product.

If I write with a fountain pen, at some point I need to load it with ink. Without that ink, the words on the page will be invisible.

The ink is the books I’ve read, the drafts which have drifted towards the electronic storeroom or the recycling bin, the interviews I’ve heard or seen with authors, the ideas sparked by the movies and tv series I’ve watched, the conversations I’ve overheard, waking up in the middle of the night with words like a whisper in my ear . . .

Being creative is your way of life. It is you being productive.

Don’t always judge yourself by the final product.

If I write 200 words less than my target, I can easily judge myself a failure, but the interview I heard with John Le Carre, or Ian Rankin, could fuel my next two books.

Don’t stop shipping, but don’t begrudge stocktaking either.


Day 397 – Seth Godin’s Ten Words.

Seth Godin writes.

If you don’t read him, then you should be.

He has written best sellers and he writes a daily blog. He is also an engaging speaker.

His blog post for today is titled ‘Ten Words Per Page‘.

He challenges us to highlight ten words out of a thousand we have written. If our readers only take in those words, which ones would they be?

Take those ten words and form all the others around them.

With each page you write, what’s the most important thing your reader needs to take away?

Which ten words define your main character at that moment in the story?

Which ten words tell your reader what they need to know in your description or narrative?

Maybe more fundamental – what’s your ten words?

Five Minute Writing.

First two pieces of advice – one from Seth Godin, and the other from Ray Bradbury.

Seth Godin, on how to give a five-minute presentation:

Give a four-minute presentation and take your time.

Ray Bradbury, on writing:

Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.

Go slow or go quick?

Write your words down like Ray Bradbury.

But don’t give the reader everything you could say about the character or the scene.

Like Seth Godin, take your time and give the reader what is essential.