From the Desk Remix! – 4 Billion Bits!

The weather summary for today - It rained. It stopped raining. It rained. It stopped raining. It rained . . . Our brains like to sift things into easy categories. It makes sense. It is like a type of short hand. Have you tried to write down notes on a webinar, zoom meeting, or at… Continue reading From the Desk Remix! – 4 Billion Bits!

From the Desk – Remix! – Me Journal, You Journal?

As this month is ending I have been getting my journal set up for October. I have a hybrid BuJo and record/reflections journal which I enter the art, writing, Bible study, podcasts, videos, books, music, which have accompanied me on any given day. I am not perfect at the forward planning, or the recording of… Continue reading From the Desk – Remix! – Me Journal, You Journal?

Discard What You Don’t Need.

This is an easy piece of advice to agree with. Until we open a drawer, or look in a cupboard, or try and find a file on our computers. There are lots of reasons and theories about how and why we accumulate so much stuff and our parents, spouses or partners, and professionals, telling us… Continue reading Discard What You Don’t Need.

Daily Verse – Walking with the Wise.

Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm. Proverbs 13:20 NIVUK In this recent technological era we can gain unparralleled access to the very best people in our field of interest. Most of them even do Masterclasses to teach you everything they have learnt on their journey. We are… Continue reading Daily Verse – Walking with the Wise.

Busy = Lose + Heart.

In Japanese writing the character for 'busy' includes the characters for 'lose' and 'heart'. To be busy is literally to lose heart. In western society busy has come to mean working hard, becoming successful, going places. Busy also means stressed, rushed, no time to think. For creative people 'busy' can still mean working in our… Continue reading Busy = Lose + Heart.

Creative Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the new mantra covering a lot of areas from simple meditation to a mental health checklist. Some meditation and mindfulness techniques exhort you to think of 'nothing'. Hit the eco-setting, dim the screen, go to a blank screen rather than screensaver. If you are a creative then this is probably impossible. If you… Continue reading Creative Mindfulness.

Daily Verse – 1 Peter 3:15 The word which jumps out in this verse, when you read the Greek Interlinear version, is that 'answer' is written as 'defence'. We are to always be ready to give a defence of the hope we have in Christ. The word for 'defence' in Greek is apologian and only occurs in the New Testament… Continue reading Daily Verse – 1 Peter 3:15

The Way After – Day #4

Traditionally, any pilgrimage route began from your front door step. Today the most common starting point for El Camino de Santiago begins across the Spanish border in the French town of St. Jean Pied de Port. St. Jean is the historic capital of the Basque Country which encompasses land and communities on both sides of… Continue reading The Way After – Day #4

The Way After – Day #2 I hadn’t heard this Queen song for a long time until today. When it first was released it was so incredibly poignant and obviously reflected Freddie Mercury’s own life. When I was younger a friend’s elder sister was a massive Queen fan so I had heard about the rumours of his diagnosis with Aids… Continue reading The Way After – Day #2