Day 433 – Idea Notebook.

Some writers seem to swear by a notebook. Others swear at the mere suggestion of one.

Most artists make sketches. Most musicians will record something on their mobiles – probably.

Have some way of recording your thoughts, ideas, research, and inspirations, is essential.

Too much happens to us on any given day to remember every idea we have.

I think it was Under the Dome which Stephen King had the idea for when he was still a teacher. He may even have written a scene or section. That became something special when he eventually returned to it after becoming one of the most successful novelists of his generation.

Whether you use apps on your phone, or a notebook, or both, keep them handy and use them. Read back through them on a regular basis.

Transfer those ideas as you develop them to a bigger notebook or your laptop.

Return to them and with a little TLC they will grow into something special.

Day 425 – What’s Your Next Project?

There should always be a next project.

What is it?

Still finishing up on a current project? It doesn’t matter.

There should already be another project.

How far through planning and scheduling it are you? Get on with it!

I’ll admit it is a fine line between dividing your creative focus between finishing your current project and the next one.

I find it difficult myself. It is easy to lose the flow and feeling in the words of the current idea when the next one is in my mind.

Here’s where a notebook comes in useful. Take a little extra time and get some of the ideas out of your head and down on paper. I prefer to do this with physically – pen and paper. Release some of that creative pressure in a positive way.

So what’s your next project?

I’ve had novels like H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, George Orwell’s 1984, and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, going around in my head for a few weeks now, so I am thinking that a story in that direction might be my next focus.

Day 406 – The Little Things.

The little things matter.

What did you read today? What did you write today?

What did you see as you were travelling? What did you listen to?

What conversations did you have?

Keep a notebook, write these things down. Electronic or pen and paper. Your choice.

Record and use.

Creativity is always with you.

You just need to recognise it and remember it.

Which reminds me, I just need to go and write something down . . .

Day Ninety – The Random Edition.

Day One began on Sunday 6th May, for no other reason than that was the day I decided to write – it was practice really – for between two and five minutes each day.

There is no theme. No continuity. Simply, whatever comes into my head and my fingers type the words. Most of the entries are closer to the two minutes.

I use the app DayOne, which is a great journalling app across all of the Apple platforms, and you can send stuff to it from pretty much anywhere and anything.

I also began writing in a red Moleskine notebook. I prefer to type as I can read what I have written and it is always neat. Writing with a pen on paper is a different experience and, as well as notes, I tend to find I am writing poetry again this way.

I set myself the challenge of listening to something new everyday. There are plenty of music platforms out there. I use Amazon Music.

Today I am listening to Hybrid – Light of the Fearless.


With the Rugby League Challenge Cup semifinals today, two rugby related thoughts are in my head:

  1. I watched the final of the Super Rugby, between the Crusaders and the Lions, yesterday. I watched ten minutes and I am pretty sure I only actually saw two minutes of actual play. I will watch the rest on fast-forward.
  2. Matt Cecchin, an Aussie Rugby League referee (an excellent one I will note) is quitting the sport at the end of this season due to the amount of abuse death threats(!) he is receiving. This is madness.

Back with the Challenge Cup – Saints v Catalans and Warrington v Leeds – none of them are my team so I am going with Catalans today, as it would be fantastic for growing the game for the French side to make it into the final. However, I think Saints will win the whole competition and the Super League title this year.

Have you heard of Chase Jarvis? You have now and he is awesome. Check him out via this link.

I listened to his podcast interview with Gregory Heisler, this morning. The takeaway? Prioritise Voice and Style over Technique.

I read L.J. Ross’ blog also this morning. If you haven’t come across her DCI Ryan novels, then I suggest you jump across to your favourite book/e-book provider and get the first of her Northumbrian set novels, Holy Island.