23 Days in July 2019 – Le Tour – Stage 7.

During the EuroSport coverage, one of the commentators was talking about the communication available to the peloton riders and how it differed to the 1980’s when his co-commentator legendary Irish cyclist and 5 times Green Points Jersey winner Sean Kelly was racing. Quick note here that the Green Jersey wasn’t specifically a sprinter’s jersey but… Continue reading 23 Days in July 2019 – Le Tour – Stage 7.

Day 428 – The Saturday Answer and Other Stuff.

The Friday Question was, What is the last foreign language you began to learn and why? My answer is French, because the last time I went into a French Boulangerie, armed with the necessary phrase given to me by my wife to purchase two baguettes and one croissant, I managed the first couple of words… Continue reading Day 428 – The Saturday Answer and Other Stuff.