Acceptance, Revelation, Contentment: Exploring Your Character’s Inner ARC – ScreenCraft

Ken Miyamoto discusses a character's Internal ARC (Acceptance, Revelation, Contentment) using the feature film FIRST BLOOD as an example. Source: Acceptance, Revelation, Contentment: Exploring Your Character's Inner ARC - ScreenCraft Great examples - not just from First Blood - in this article to show you how to develop your character along with your plot in… Continue reading Acceptance, Revelation, Contentment: Exploring Your Character’s Inner ARC – ScreenCraft

Tips for Screenwriters from a Professional Story Analyst – Coverfly

Tips for Screenwriters from a Professional Story Analyst - Coverfly — Read on Great pointers from story analyst , Micah Goldman. 'Your voice is the soul of the screenplay.' So what is your voice and how can you show that on the screen or the page?

Improving Your Character(s)!

It is difficult in these days of movies and tv series not to associate actors with the fictional people they portray. Or is it the other way around? An honest actor will tell you that if the writing is good then they just say the lines. Which is them being very generous. Their art is… Continue reading Improving Your Character(s)!

Day 444 – A Sense of Place.

I've been listening to a BBC Radio documentary on The Pennine Way. It is a national trail which runs for 268 miles through England and up into Scotland, and the hills over which it runs is often called the 'backbone' of England. The documentary describes the places and the people along it, the music, songs,… Continue reading Day 444 – A Sense of Place.

Day 432 – Dark-side of the Moon.

This isn't an inspired by Pink Floyd post - not that I have anything against the band. The anniversary of the lunar landings let people know what was on the side we all can gaze out of our windows and see. Sure, it took a lot of effort to get there, but very quickly we… Continue reading Day 432 – Dark-side of the Moon.

23 Days in July 2019 – Le Tour – Stage 3.

This stage of the Tour leaves Belgium and enters France, travelling on one of the longest routes of this edition through the famous Champagne region. Dom Perpignan will watch over the riders as they pass through the vines of Moët and Chandon. Also in this stage there is the relatively recent invention of time bonuses… Continue reading 23 Days in July 2019 – Le Tour – Stage 3.

DAY 414 – The Saturday Answer and Other Stuff.

So The Friday Question was, What is the one immediate thing you need to do for your creative endeavour to improve? And The Saturday Answer is, Be Consistent! What was your answer? For me, I need greater consistency in my writing habits and in the words which go down on the page. Creative thinking time… Continue reading DAY 414 – The Saturday Answer and Other Stuff.

Day 409 – Be A Documentarian.

If you haven't discovered Austin Kleon yet, do it now! He describes himself as 'a writer who draws' but he also just happens to be a New York Times bestselling author of books about creativity in the digital age. In a conversation with Chase Jarvis, Kleon gives you three reasons why we must show our… Continue reading Day 409 – Be A Documentarian.

Day 404 – Understand This.

Books and Vinyl Records. The covers, the textures, the background noise. E-books and digital downloads - somehow books seemed to have managed to miss out the equivalent stages of the CD and MiniDisc. The future is . . . . . . Books and Vinyl are making a comeback. But there is a difference now.… Continue reading Day 404 – Understand This.