Day 436 – Sunday Reflection.


I re-watched the movie The Thomas Crown Affair the other night and Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway clearly had style, in both their personalities and their fashion.

Creatively, I think we spend a long time trying to find our ‘style’. Early works are often composites of our favourite writers/artists/musicians, as we learn new techniques and experiment out of confidence in our ability to produce something maybe worthwhile.

Structure and technique can both define and dictate what we produce, but most of the successful creatives you could name eventually do something a little different and that is what gets them noticed.

What’s your sense of ‘different’ from your heroes or fellow creatives?

Chase Jarvis put out a great podcast/video on style with fellow photographer Alex Strohl – it is worth a look.

Day 424 – Slightly Different.

This post is – slightly different I mean . . .

Shopping today with my youngest son who needed a new suit for his university graduation. Fatherly-brag here – he has gained a 1st Class Honours Degree in Business Management.

We passed by a rack with raincoats hanging from it and I commented that one particular colour was very similar to the one which Steve McQueen wore in Bullitt.

My son replied that he didn’t know as he had never seen Bullitt and he only had a vague notion who Steve McQueen was.

Both of these comments will be remedied tomorrow.

Until then I came across this link to recreating the look of San Francisco Police Lieutenant Frank Bullitt.

Despite my sense of failure in my son’s wider movie education, we got him a suit which Steve McQueen would have approved of.