Daily Verse – 1 Peter 4:10

https://my.bible.com/en-GB/bible/113/1PE.4.10.NIVUK Interestingly in the Greek Interlinear text of this passage, the phrase 'from his great variety of spiritual gifts' does not appear. This is clearly an addition by the translators to further inform on the meaning of the passage. The more straight forward Interlinear '(as) each has received a gift' is much more inclusive than… Continue reading Daily Verse – 1 Peter 4:10

Day 444 – A Sense of Place.

I've been listening to a BBC Radio documentary on The Pennine Way. It is a national trail which runs for 268 miles through England and up into Scotland, and the hills over which it runs is often called the 'backbone' of England. The documentary describes the places and the people along it, the music, songs,… Continue reading Day 444 – A Sense of Place.

Day 438 – To TV or Not To TV, That Is The Question.

One piece of writing advice is to destroy your tv. You're a writer of books, so read 'em and write 'em. TV was invented to distract you and allow advertising to sell you stuff. So that should be enough for why not to TV. So Why to TV? Plot and Characters in a story arc.… Continue reading Day 438 – To TV or Not To TV, That Is The Question.

Day 436 – Sunday Reflection.

Style. I re-watched the movie The Thomas Crown Affair the other night and Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway clearly had style, in both their personalities and their fashion. Creatively, I think we spend a long time trying to find our 'style'. Early works are often composites of our favourite writers/artists/musicians, as we learn new techniques… Continue reading Day 436 – Sunday Reflection.

23 Days in July 2019 – Le Tour – Stage 8.

The Tour de France seems to have become for the French what Wimbledon is for the British - the best sporting event of its kind in the world but one the host country struggles to win. In fact the last French winner was Bernard Hinault in 1985. Despite wanting the British contingent of riders to… Continue reading 23 Days in July 2019 – Le Tour – Stage 8.