From the Desk Remix! – Information Overload and Lettuce!

Information overload. We are living in an environment of information ubiquity, which is at times amazing. At other times, it can be a problem. Too much of a good thing turns out not to be good for us. Consider this - how many doughnuts is too many? You are correct, no amount of doughnuts is… Continue reading From the Desk Remix! – Information Overload and Lettuce!

Chase Jarvis – Creative Calling – Pt.2

Last week I shared some takeaways from the first session of Chase Jarvis' Creative Calling Bookclub - if you missed it then click here! Week 2 was about focusing on the I. I - Imagine what you wantD - Design a system to do itE - execute the planA - Amplify So Imagine what you… Continue reading Chase Jarvis – Creative Calling – Pt.2

Day 466 – Creative Like Bill Belichick, Pt.1.

I'm not trying to alienate anyone here by mentioning the New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. I understand that the franchise and the coach are like Marmite - you love them or you hate them. For full disclosure I am a San Francisco 49ers fan, but as a sports coach you have got to… Continue reading Day 466 – Creative Like Bill Belichick, Pt.1.

Day 463 – Sunday Reflection.

I've been busy revamping my study. Basically, I've got rid of more stuff I had forgotten I even had, or had kept because it might be useful at some point. I decided that some point had been reached and that the stuff wasn't useful after all. A family desk taken by my eldest son, freed… Continue reading Day 463 – Sunday Reflection.

Day 446 – Wind.

I am currently reading Where The Wild Winds Are by Nick Hunt. He searches for four winds which effect European weather. The Helm. The Bora. The Foehn. The Mistral. Hunt's writing is descriptive, informative, and engaging. It is one of those books where you rack your brain for a similar idea, to justify going off… Continue reading Day 446 – Wind.

Day 406 – The Little Things.

The little things matter. What did you read today? What did you write today? What did you see as you were travelling? What did you listen to? What conversations did you have? Keep a notebook, write these things down. Electronic or pen and paper. Your choice. Record and use. Creativity is always with you. You… Continue reading Day 406 – The Little Things.

Day Ninety – The Random Edition.

Day One began on Sunday 6th May, for no other reason than that was the day I decided to write - it was practice really - for between two and five minutes each day. There is no theme. No continuity. Simply, whatever comes into my head and my fingers type the words. Most of the… Continue reading Day Ninety – The Random Edition.

Ballard, Bosch, Reacher.

News on my three favourite characters in fiction came out yesterday. Michael Connelly revealed that his next book will see his new heroine Renée Ballard team up with his most famous hero Harry Bosch. I guarantee fans of Connelly are trying to find ways to shorten the months so October gets here quicker. News broke… Continue reading Ballard, Bosch, Reacher.

The Tuesday Recommendation.

The Tuesday recommendation is now a thing. Why? Because I decided. Sometimes when we are creative, whether we write, or paint, or record, or photograph, we make choices of words, colours, frames, just because. Why did your character leave the house without a rain coat when it is raining in the street? Because that is… Continue reading The Tuesday Recommendation.

I’m Enjoying Reading . . .

I am enjoying reading L.J. Ross' DCI Ryan detective mystery Holy Island at the moment. Detective Chief Inspector Ryan retreats to Holy Island seeking sanctuary when he is forced to take sabbatical leave from his duties as a murder detective. A few days before Christmas, his peace is shattered and he is thrust back into… Continue reading I’m Enjoying Reading . . .