From the Desk Remix! – Play What You Want To Play!

One of the best YouTube channels I’ve discovered recently is Rick Beato.

Rick is a musician and producer and an absolute master of his craft.

I started watching his ‘What Makes This Song Great?’ videos, where he takes individual songs and breaks them down musically, in performance, and in production.

When I saw he had interviewed Joe Satriani last night, everything went onto hold until the video had finished.

I wasn’t disappointed. Rick asks such great questions and he gives lots of room for the people he interviews to answer.

The title of the interview is Just play what you wanna play.

This came from a teacher Joe had, who was a very well known jazz musician. He listened to Joe play what he thought his teacher wanted to hear. He didn’t.

His advice/criticism was for Joe to ‘just play what you wanna play’.

When we are engaged in our creative pursuits, how many times are we producing what we think people want or what we think people expect us to?

Many great novelists tell aspiring writers to write the book they personally want to read.

In our creativity we have more opportunities to be ‘ourselves’ than at any other time.

We have platforms in abundance and audiences, no matter how big or small, to connect with.

One song, one picture, one short story, can reach far beyond the traditional routes of the past. Those traditional routes still exist, but they cannot control the routes to the public in they way they used to.

Create what you want to create, then get it out there.

Your audience is waiting.

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