From the Desk, Remix! – Culture Former or Culture Formed?

Culture former or culture formed?

As individuals, and especially as creatives, we are a part of the prevailing culture.

But I was struck by a question today of how much we have been formed by the culture we are in?

Another way we could look at this is by reframing the question – culture consumer or culture developer?

We all know the old adage, ‘we are what we eat’; so I may have to change my profile picture to a doughnut!

But does this hold true for what we consume through culture?

It is probably far too easy to reply in the affirmative and with good examples, I am sorry to say.

The majority of people have definitely become consumers rather than creators, despite it being easier than ever to create.

Social media is the marketer’s El Dorado – get someone in the public gaze to wear, use, or endorse your product, and everyone will send that piece of ‘advertising’ to everyone they know.

Consume and pass on. Consume and pass on.

What’s the alternative?

Create and share.

Perhaps even, consume, recreate, and share, works just as well.

Create. Alter. Rework.

The New Zealand rugby union team, have a core concept which is to leave the ‘jersey’ – your match shirt – in a better place than when you were handed it.

We should all be trying to leave the part of culture we engage with in a better place than when we discovered it.

Be conscious of trying to move forward in your creativity.

Support others in their creativity.

I am conscious of my own shortcomings in this last point. Too often I click like on Instagram and don’t leave a response.

Comment. Move the cultural conversation forward.

In doing so we can begin to move our society forward.

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