Daily Verse – Father of Me.

‘This, then, is how you should pray: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name . . .”‘

Matthew 6:9

I have a confession.

This verse shouldn’t be the Daily Verse.

Matthew 6:19 should be.

When searching for the verse on the Interlinear version I use, I typed in 6:9 instead.

Rather than not storing up treasures on earth, Jesus teaches us how to pray.

The Lord’s Prayer as it is commonly known is obviously a staple prayer of the Christian faith, but I have been surprised by how many non-christians also know it by heart.

The Interlinear translation runs, ‘Father of us who [is] in the heavens . . .’

Father is straight forward, in Greek it is patér – father, parent – but of us is egó – I or me.

We are used to taking ‘Our Father’ to inidcate the Father of all of us, but Jesus’ prayer is actually father of me, or my father.

Jesus’ prayer is not a formulaic and remote prayer to an unseen deity, but a deeply personal prayer which begins with us speaking out ‘My Father’ who is in the heavens.

This prayer establishes our close and individual connection to our Heavenly Father.

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