From the Desk Remix! – The October Country.

Yesterday was the last day of September. It has passed quickly. There is more darkness and the rains have returned.

The end of a month is like walking through a doorway. Your back is to where you have come from and there is quickly a barrier between you and it.

You are now in a new space. A new environment. Perhaps familiar but perhaps not.

I mention in the ‘Welcome!’ to this site, that the American writer Ray Bradbury made me into a writer. I read his novel Something Wicked This Way Comes easily more than a hundred times before I left school. The story takes place in October.

This October I am being ambitious.

I am taking on The Literal Challenge’s Scriptly Writing, which is a fortenight of daily writing prompts for a two page script.

I’ve never written a proper script before, but why would that stop me?

What attracted me to this challenge is the focus on characters and what they say. I’ve always found writing dialogue between characters easier than the descriptive connectors and narrated plots drivers.

I’ve also decided to do NaNoWriMo again, which means October is now officially Preptober!

Choose your project, announce it, perpare yourself and those around you for the 1667 words a day during November.

I’ve got my BHAGs lined up! (Big Hairy Audacious Goals, if you’re not familiar with Jerry Collins’ Good to Great.)

I am also going to be trialing a ten minute work flow.

I have always been spikey about being interrupted when I am in a creative flow. To avoid this I generally won’t start something creative if I don’t have a reasonable length of time to go at it.

I can’t being to calculate how much creative time I’ve lost with this attitude/habit.

So I am going to force myself to work in ten minute sprints. If someone wants to disturb me during a sprint then they will have to wait between 9 and 1 minute for my attention.

Hopefully, I can stitch together several sprints in one go but if not I have used a minimum of ten minutes usefully on a creative endeavour.

I will let you know how it goes!

What are your plans for October, or the last few months of the 2021? Let people know your BHAG’s!

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