Creative Thoughts – 27th September, 2021.

Photo by Damien DUFOUR Photographie on Unsplash

Today started at 2:30am, taking my youngest son to the airport for his trip to Malta. In return he has promised me a tacky plastic replica of a Knight of St. John. There are many myths, truths, and lies about this order of men who initially dedicated themselves to providing hospitality and protection for pilgrim travellers to many places including the Holy Land.

We are all on our own individual pilgrimages.

The Camino de Santiago de Compostella, the Way of St. James to Santiago in Northern Spain, now famous in travel books, vlogs, and even movies, teaches that we are always on ‘the Way’.

Our lives are an endless pilgrimage.

Every footstep, every place we visit, every person we come into contact with, changes us and has the potential for us to change them.

On the Way there is lots of time to think and reflect.

Our Creativity is the sum of those footsteps and thoughts, the places and the people, and as countless others before us out attempts to understand our place in creation.

The manifestation of this today when I crept through the door at 5:45am, trying to keep the dogs quiet and not wake my wife, was to write a proper ‘welcome’ to this site.

The words quickly unfolded the influences and struggles of my expression of creativity up to now. Conscious that it needed to be longer than ‘Hi!’ and shorter than Anna Karenina, there is a great deal which is left unsaid.

But it is a starting place. It is that first step of a pilgrimage, which traditionally, starts from your front door. It is my Buon Camino! – Good Journery or Good Way! – to you as our paths cross or join even if it is only for a short time

Greet others! Share your creativity!

Buon Camino!


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