Day 476 – The Saturday Answer.

The Friday Question was one for the end of the holidays to provide inspiration for next year’s holidays, and it was . . .

. . . If you could spend three months writing anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I struggled to narrow this down to one single location.

Cornwall and France featured heavily due to the coast line and the sea. Le Touquet winning out for its ease of access around the town and beach front for my wife.

The setting of your story probably had an influence.

Would James Bond have been quite the same if Ian Fleming hadn’t been in Jamaica? A Year in Provence really wouldn’t have been the same without actually being in Provence. Would Harry Potter have turned out different if it had been written in Sweden rather than Scotland?

I went for the place I feel calm and contented in order to write comfortably.

Maybe you need excitement and noise?

We are all different and if we weren’t we would all be arguing over the last rooms/house to rent in the same place.

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