Day 455 – The Saturday Answer.

So the Friday Question was . . .

. . . Why didn’t you achieve what you planned to during this last week?

And my Saturday Answer is . . .

. . . Stuff and illness. The latter is pretty straight forward. I netted myself some rogue bug which seems to have effected absolutely no one else within my close proximity. The former is a mixture of changed plans, plans no one told me about, disruptions and interruptions, lack of focus, distractions and other attractions.

None of this forms any meaningful excuse but is just what it is. It was up to me to work my way through all of this and still produce.

I am even more of the opinion that a shed at the bottom of the garden is a good idea, but have you seen how much sheds, worthy of creative endeavours at the bottom of the garden can cost? I think I can afford a bivy-bag underneath a bush.

However, I am writing something new and it seems to be going okay. I’ve gone back to the Lee Child method of plot development and it feels good. I’m especially happy with the fact that each seen is essential – I haven’t written a bunch of nice scenes which aren’t really necessary – and the plot is moving quickly along, with each of the characters asking questions. Well, that’s how I see it anyway?

A few other things which can wait for the Sunday Reflection, so catch you tomorrow!

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