Day 441 – The Saturday Answer.

So, The Friday Question was . . .

. . . What ‘creative’ excuse do you use for not doing the creative task you’ve scheduled yourself?

And my Saturday Answer is . . .

. . . Any form of creative research, no matter how loosely based upon the actual task I have set myself to do. You see I am still working creatively, I am not just time wasting!

And as a bonus I will give you, searching for an album to listen to as I work. I set myself the challenge – I don’t know how long ago now – to listen to a new album everyday. Being subscribed to an online streaming service I scout the new releases and look for something which seems interesting. Sometimes I recognise, or I am familiar with the artist, or I just look at the album covers until something takes my interest. Sometimes it can take a while to find something, despite being quite good about listening to what I have chosen no matter what.

So what is your distraction?

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