Day 431 – A Million.

Ray Bradbury encouraged us to ‘write a thousand words a day for three years’ and then we would become writers.

At just over a million words that might be your 10,000 hour rule for writers.

Interestingly in the study which Malcolm Gladwell came across to coin his 10,000 hour rule, the focus was violinists and how often they practiced. The virtuoso violinists practiced the most, compared to those who were orchestra players or those who went on to become music teachers.

So how’s that practice going in your creative art?

Keep a log of time, words, canvases, or whatever makes the most sense for what your art is.

Tell me when you notice the difference in what you are doing, whether that is a million words, 10,000 hours, or a thousand canvases, of something else entirely.

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