Day 415 – Sunday Reflection.

I’m reflecting.

What about you?

No? How about you try it now?

It can be on anything. Focus on this last week, for instance.

In a recent poll of 15-30 year olds in the EU, only 32% of UK young people said they could read and write in another language. The next lowest EU country was at 71%.

Most of my posts on Creativity contain advice I need to follow more closely.

I’m still listening to at least one new album a day. I started this doing this on December 26th. I have been surprised by liking all but a handful of those I’ve listened to. I choose the albums purely on the cover art, band name, or album title, and I never look them up before I listen.

I had a new idea for a novel. Two characters on a pilgrimage. A kind of Waiting for Godot, but where Godot actually turns up. It needs more thinking.

In the Lord’s Prayer, the part ‘give us our daily bread’ really stuck out. Us. Not ‘God please provide my daily needs. Our daily needs. We should always be praying for others whilst we pray for ourselves.

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