Day 412 – Investment.

What’s your investment in your creative endeavour?

The Number One Bestselling Thriller writer Lee Child had been fired from his TV job so sat down to write a novel which sold. The alternative was his wife’s suggestion that he could be a ‘reacher’ in a supermarket.

He was pretty invested in getting that book finished and finding a publisher.

What about you?

To be invested you don’t need to be on the verge of plunging your family out onto the street, but I would suggest you do need a reason to be serious about what you are doing.

It might be that it is your lifelong ambition to get one of your paintings hung in a gallery. Great. Tell me which gallery and by what date?

You think you can write a better screenplay that the one you just sat through for two hours and wasted the ticket price on? Great. Write it and submit it.

Your investment is what you didn’t do to achieve your goal. Time. Money. Relationships.

Skulking off to your creative cave for the odd ten minutes to type a paragraph or mix some paint, or strum a few chords, isn’t investment.

It’s like the Matrix. The blue pill is you play creative. The red pill is you chase your creativity down that rabbit hole.

Writer or Reacher?

Which one will you be?

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