Day 408 – Migrate Like Elk.

You mention Elk and you get comments.

Elk are one of the largest species within the deer family apparently, and a they seem, to an untrained eye, to share in a lot of deer-like behaviour.

One of the origins of the name Elk is from the Old Norse Elgr. I mention that because my wife has Norwegian Viking in her ancestry.

Elk tend to migrate towards the higher altitudes in the spring time and go in the opposite direction during autumn. During the winter they prefer wooded areas for shelter and protection.

So like writers then.

Spring. The weather starts warming up and the snows start to retreat. New ideas spring up like the new growth of plants and bushes. Wandering writers gather attracted by the newness of everything around them.

Summer. Having found an area particularly fertile and suited to their needs, they stay, they enjoy the abundance of words which come easily.

Autumn. The cool winds start up and the ideas become scarcer and words are easier to find. They get spooked and start the journey back to the safety of the woodland.

Winter. They gain protection amongst the trees – I’m taking this as a metaphor for books other people have written – and wait it out until the spring returns.

When you write there is a flow. Different seasons. It is easy to get frustrated and be hard on yourself.

An Elk knows that there is movement and seasons in its life.

You should accept that to and accept that whatever the season there is always something going on which sustains your creative life.

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