Day 403 – Tradition.

Watch this.

It takes 6 minutes.

It’s about a Scots Gaelic singer named Julie Fowlis.

She was born and brought up in Northern Uist, in the Hebridean Islands.

She talks about musical traditions, some going back to the Twelfth Century.

In many creative endeavours tradition(s) is(are) normally quite important. But I think in many instances they are becoming less so.

In your particular creative pursuit, what are the traditions? Do you know?

Why does your detective have an assistant?

Why does your thriller protagonist insist on working alone?

Why do you use that particular perspective in your painting, or frame in that particular way when you take a photograph?

Why do you use those chord progressions, or verse and chorus combinations, in your music?

Research and learn your traditions.

They may provide you with a new direction in your creative art you were not expecting.

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