Day 402 – 21 Stages – 21 Stories.

I am a fan of professional cycling.

So the month of July has only one focus for me – the Tour de FranceLe Tour!

(Cue the Kraftwerk soundtrack!)

23 days and 21 stages (two of the days are rest days) of the toughest – mentally and physically – sporting race in the world.

The peloton of riders in their brightly coloured strips, preceding cavalcade and following team cars, traversing the lowlands and highlands of France

The individual riders who take the famed Maillot Jaune become legends. The sprinters become kings of the road at 40mph in final couple of hundred metres of the flatter stages. The climbers soar like eagles up the mountain sides and descend like they are falling upon their prey.

The Rouleur cycling magazine’s latest edition is a Tour special.

On the cover their lead line is ’21 Stages – 21 Stories’.

Their focus is upon stories which have defined Le Tour over the years.

But what about your stories?

Pick Le Tour, or the British and Irish Lions Tours, or the World Cup, or the Olympics, and write your stories. Write their exploits and your own. How do/did those days and events define you and the world around you?

(You might even have a soundtrack!)

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