Day 399 – Writing Like . . .

One of the best ways for a writer not to write is to do research.

The best kind of research for a writer not to write is to research how other writers write.

Or don’t write.

Being able to counteract your wife’s accusatory statement of ‘I thought you said you were writing?’ As the reason why you weren’t doing all of those jobs in the garden, it is helpful to counter with ‘but this is how Stephen King writes!’

Okay, bad example – Stephen King would be writing!

‘Research’ on YouTube led me to Kate Cavanaugh.

In her Writing Vlog she has tried to spend a day writing like famous authors. She has done, amongst others, Stephen King, Haruki Murakami, Neil Gaiman, and Nora Roberts.

Kate scours the internet and puts together as much information as she can about the daily routine of the particular author she has chosen, then attempts to work like them, recording her experiences as she goes.

Check out the videos.

Then when you’re done doing that, tell me who you would spend a day writing like?

Kate has done Haruki Murakami which would have been one of my choices. I would go for Lee Child – I could match him for coffee but the cigarettes would either kill me or give me a habit which would ultimately have the same outcome.

I think I will try writing like Ray Bradbury.

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