Day 398 – Ideas.

Thankfully, I get ideas.

None of the creative angst, leading to experimenting with who knows what, to unleash the muses from their temporary captivity.

I am more the other way. I get too many ideas and I want to do all of them at once.

You might get like that too?

You are calmly and industriously 37,000 words through your latest novel, or a decent middle-eight from completing a song, or twenty or so brush strokes from finishing a canvas, and another idea fights its way to the front of your creative mind and demands attention. Right now.

You do the right thing and jot down a quick note or sketch, so you don’t forget, and return to what you were doing.

But, like certain songs, the tune is now in your head and no matter what you are doing, it is starting to take over everything else.

Sensibly, you know you cannot, probably will not, convert every idea you have into a finished creative project. Some of those ideas are, frankly, not much good. But, they are tempting, aren’t they?

They take your time and your focus.

This is where being disciplined in your output helps. Your main project is your main project – stick with it.

But factor in time each week (each day if you need to) to develop those other ideas, give them a longer leash and see where they want to roam. Take notes, draw sketches, record melodies.

Line up the strongest ideas to be your next main projects after you finish the current one.

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