Day 396 – Quarter Time.

Time pressured could almost be a definition of modern life.

We have too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

For most creatives – where their creative pursuits aren’t providing their livelihoods – the biggest obstacle, the biggest block, is having enough time to be creative.

Anthony Trollope, the great Victorian writer, had a full time job with the Post Office but still found time to write eighteen novels.


He generally aimed to write for three hours a day.

The real secret is the he broke this down into fifteen minute chunks.

With his pocket watch on the desk beside his pen and paper, he aimed to write 250 words every fifteen minutes.

If you can find fifteen minutes, you can write like Trollope.

So here’s the challenge – set your stopwatch for fifteen minutes and start writing.

You might not get 250 words, or you might write more. It doesn’t matter.

Start writing in quarter time and see how many of these sessions you can fit into your everyday schedule.

Let me know.

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