Day 393 – Remixes.

About a year ago I set myself the challenge of trying to listen to a new album each day.

It might be a newly released album or just an older one which I have never listened to before.

Sometimes I know the artist/band, and other times I choose based on the name or the cover design.

So far I have been pleasantly surprised by the varied music I’ve listened to, and have only stopped listening to two or three albums before the end.

Today I listened to remixes of Phil Collins songs titled – Remixed Songs.

I grew up listening to Genesis and Phil Collins’ solo work so this was an easy choice.

I liked most of the remixes. They added a new dimension to familiar tunes. This is what good remixes should do.

Movies and tv often try to do ‘remixes’ on previously successful titles. Some are successes but many – it seems to me – are often poorer. I think it is because they just try to do a new version, assuming that new is best. Often the writers of these remakes fail to engage with what engaged the original with its audience.

For me, for example, Magnum PI failed but WestWorld succeeded.

What film, tv series, or book would you remix?

For me:

Film – North by North West

Tv Series – Blake’s 7

Book – Brave New World



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