Day 391 – What’s In The Box?

In a TED talk, J.J. Abrams talks about the mystery of the box.

He explains how he was interested in magic tricks as a younger boy and once bought a box for $15 which was supposed to have tricks worth $50 in it.

Here’s the thing – he never opened the box.

To him the mystery of what was in the box was more powerful than actually finding out if the value of what was inside was worth more or less than he had paid for it.

The mystery of what might be in the box was what was valuable.

I think creatives can think the same way.

Our talent is in the box.

If it stays closed then we can neither be disappointed or elated.

Elation is a risky business. It might only be short lived and therefore better saved.

We naturally feel better if our disappointment is figured but never confirmed.

But unless we open the box we can never use what is inside and using what is inside is where the real value is at.

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