Day 390 – Dark Mode.

Earlier today I watched some highlights of the Apple event introducing the iPadOS.

Giant screens, new developments, cheering and squeals from the packed venue audience. High tech glamour and entertainment.

(A quick confession – I own/have owned most things Apple have produced.)

Then it came . . .

Excitement from the guy on the platform making the announcement . . .

Shouts and screaming from the audience . . .

. . . Dark Mode . . .

What the??

Since when does your screen/apps having a darker tone/appearance rate as something new and inventive which means we should go wild with excitement?

Even I have a dark mode – just watch me change when my rugby team loses!

As a creative type I have two takeaways from the Dark Mode:

• People are perfectly happy – even get excited – by something which isn’t even, well, that new or exciting – ship average and ship often.

• Spend the time to come up with something which actually is innovative and sends the crowds wild – ship special and ship when it is ready.

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