Day 387 – Winning in Unexpected Ways.

Rugby Union’s Exeter Chiefs and Football’s Liverpool are losers.

Exeter lost the Premiership Final to Saracens and Liverpool finished second to Manchester City in the Premier League.

Yet Exeter finished top of the league table, with a league points tally of 86 points. Their points tally to end the season has only been bested once (by one point) since the bonus point system was introduced. They were only promoted into the Premiership on the 2010/11 season.

Yet Liverpool finished second but with a points score which (even when converted into the old league points system) would have won them every League title except the last two.

Exeter have been finalists for four years in a row, but Liverpool have won the Champions League title this season.

Our accepted mindset is finish first or be the loser.

Both teams have cultivated exceptional cultures.

Sometimes being successful isn’t winning.

Your book might not top the charts. Your art work might not be the most expensive in the gallery. Your music might not get you headlining at a festival of your choice.

It does not mean that you haven’t achieved something significant this year.

I have to be honest – I would not mind be a loser like Exeter or Liverpool.

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