Day 100 – Silencing the Inner Critic.

If you are creative, then you have an inner critic.

If you are not creative, then you definitely have an inner critic.

Exactly what that inner critic says and how it makes you feel, is different for every one of us.

Check out this edition of the Chase Jarvis Live Podcast with Danielle Krysa, on how Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk.

What Danielle says will have you nodding your head and saying ‘that sounds familiar’, and she gives some great tips on how to deal with your ‘Tim’ or ‘Elaine’.

There is a lot in this podcast to take away, but two key points, based on her interviews with artists and other creatives, for me were:

  1. DEDICATION – Creatives make every day.
  2. TIME – Creatives give space and time to create everyday.

Enjoy the podcast and Silence that inner critic!

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