Day 97 – The Sports Edition.

Several sports related observations:

Hope has returned to my view of Wigan Warriors! Castleford Tigers were beaten on Friday night, in the first round of the Super-Eight.

As a bonus, Saint Helen’s loss in the Challenge Cup semi-final and the first round of the Super-Eight, might cast cold water on my belief that they were going to clear up the titles and trophies this season.

The icing on the cake must come in the form of Shaun Edwards being named as Wigan head coach from the 2020 season!

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Dallas Cowboys in the first pre-season game of the season.

When I was first introduced to the NFL, the first team I watched was the Niners with Joe Montana, Jerry Rice,, and they became my team for simply playing in red and being the first team I watched.

The biggest rivalry for the 49ers seemed to be the Cowboys, and it might only be pre-season but beating them at home seems to be a good omen for the season ahead.

I am still smiling at the Welsh cyclist Geraint Thomas winning the Tour de France!

There are some great sports documentaries out there at the moment.

HBO Sports and NFL’s Hard Knocks is a great behind-the-scenes look at how an NFL team prepares for the season ahead. This year they are with the Cleveland Browns. All I am saying is, it is emotional!

Amazon’s All or Nothing is equally as compelling, following teams through the season. The Dallas Cowboys are up for the 2017 season.

The ‘franchise’ has branched out into College football, with the Michigan Wolverines, as well as Rugby Union, following the New Zealand All Blacks through their encounter with the British and Irish Lions this year.

The sports book I am most looking forward to coming out is John Feinstein‘s Quarterback: Inside the Most Important Position in the National Football League, in November.

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