Day 95 – The Art of TV and Novels Meet?

First, Read This:

TV Novel

Nothing new, right? Charles Dickens was doing a similar thing back in the day. Worked out pretty well for him.

Eventually, someone is beginning to think differently about how we consume the written word. Culturally there have been massive changes in how we consume media/entertainment, in the last five years, in terms of music, film, and tv.

SerialBox is now changing the face of how we consume novels.

Whether you wait patiently for each weekly episode/chapter, or whether you binge-read, the possibilities of returning each week to our favourite characters and following them through a wider story arc, as well as self-contained adventures, will definitely catch-on.

Why wait for a whole year for the next Jack Reacher or Harry Bosch story to land, after you consumed the latest one within twenty-four hours?

I would definitely pay for a chapter a week from my favourite authors.

I do think there is a different dynamic between a novelist releasing a chapter per week and the tv writer/writer’s room dynamic, however. I like the format, but there are more tv-series that I’ve stopped watching because the writers have had to re-jig the dynamics/story-line because the series has been renewed on the last episode, and they have been writing as if it is their last, than I’ve kept with.

You have to build a dynamic between characters episodically and keep with it in a much longer story arc, rather than trying to do that in every episode.

Plot lines can become tethered to the three-act storyline in each episode and the important over-all plot get lost somewhere about episode/chapter eight.

I love the fact that writers/publishers are starting to think differently.

I definitely think this kind of format will be a hit with younger readers.

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