Sometimes You Just Need To Write Ugly.

My run today was ugly.

It wasn’t comfortable. It wasn’t pleasant. My stride pattern changed so much that it was only matched by the number of times I wanted to stop.

But I’m learning to be stubborn.

I’m learning to push back against all of the reasons to stop. I pick a time, or distance, to get to before I do quit. Normally I can push that out a few times before I decide I’ve done enough or make the decision to stop.

And I realised that sometimes I just need to write ugly to.

I need to push back against not being sure about what I am writing. Push back against not writing at all because I don’t ‘feel’ it. Push back against quitting early.

I have started to write in a short burst – anything from one to five minutes – each day. I write on my phone and it begins with the first words which come into my head. It isn’t linked to anything else I am writing.

Some of it is really ugly.

But some of it definitely has the promise of a longer run, when the stride pattern is fluid and the distance comes easy.

I am also not going to worry if my longer projects have some patches of ugly in them either. At least I’ve written.

Why not join me – Write Ugly! It could be a new literary movement!




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