Creative Swagger.

Click the link for a video about a running group – hear me out – I promise I’m not going to make you run!

Watch, then continue reading.

Writers, artists, and musicians, used to do the same kind of thing.

They would meet up and hang out. In coffee shops, and salons, and restaurants.

They would meet up and share ideas, be inspired, argue, fall in love and out of love.

They would debate society and plot new artistic revolutions.

Like the Track Mafia, they had a purpose and a passion.

Is there such a thing as the Creative Mafia?

Not that I like the term ‘mafia’, with too many connotations of crime and nefarious personalities. A rough translation of the word mafia, which derives from the Sicilian adjective mafiusu, means ‘swagger’, but it can also be translated as ‘boldness’ or ‘bravado’. I like swagger much better.

Do creatives ‘hang out’ anymore. If not, why not?

How many other creative do you know? Are you hanging out with them?

Twitter doesn’t really count, by the way.

Maybe it is time for a new creative movement, which takes back the coffee shops, and bars, and restaurants?

What do you think?

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