The Tuesday Recommendation.

The Tuesday recommendation is now a thing.

Why? Because I decided.

Sometimes when we are creative, whether we write, or paint, or record, or photograph, we make choices of words, colours, frames, just because.

Why did your character leave the house without a rain coat when it is raining in the street? Because that is what they did. And it will become important in a few pages time, although you didn’t know it when you wrote it.

So now to the thing. Now it is a thing.

My Tuesday Recommendation is to check out artist and writer Austin Kleon.

I first came across Austin Kleon through Twitter and quite recently at that. Follow him and head over to his blog and sign up, you won’t regret taking the time to read his stuff.

He is a writer who thinks about the creative process in interesting ways. I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts about the ‘process’ of creating art and my thinking on this has been highlighted by his thoughts.

We, as creative people, aren’t just creative because of the finished product. That is the product, the final manifestation of us being creative. We were being creative all the way through the process right up to that final piece.

Kleon urges us to show our work in all of those stages on the way to the final product. He wrote a book about it, Show Your Work. I’m working my way through it now and it is packed with great ideas and observations about the creative process, as well as ways you can share your art.

As a result of what I’ve learnt so far, I will be sharing a number of creative takeaways from the the latest book I am working on, over the coming weeks.

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