Work On Your Weaknesses.

When people go to a gym they generally use the weights or equipment that they are most competent with.

They use the running machine because that’s comfortable for them.

They lift the weights which they can do the most reps with, or move the heaviest weight.

Writers are no different.

We turn up and immediately head for the areas we are most familiar with, the most comfortable, those areas we find the easiest to produce in.

A gym is a training place. It isn’t the actual place where you do the physical activity.

The gym is where you train your body to be the strongest it can be to do the activity you want to do.

Writers need to produce. That is the activity.

The training is where you sweat and heave and gasp. Where you condition yourself to meet the challenge of the activity.

When you train, when you practice writing, you shouldn’t be heading for the areas you can do easily or look the best doing.

When you practice, you should train the weak areas first.

Maybe you need to work on dialogue, or location description, or plotting.

Whatever it is, work on your weaknesses first.

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