Fiction Writer? Write Some Non-Fiction.

So you are a fiction writer and you want to get better?

Write some non-fiction.

Say what?

There is a lot of great non-fiction writers out there and you shouldn’t be ignoring them. You can learn a lot.

I am sports fan and read Sports illustrated each week. There is nothing like it in the UK, so it helps that I like the NFL.

The main feature writers are out-and-out storytellers.

Each week they find a story, set the stage, weave in the background, and then let loose with the excitement.

You want your stories to be realistic? These writers are taking ‘real’ and crafting a story out of it.

There is also a confidence in the writing based on the knowledge of the writer. How confident are you when you write your fictional scenes?

Give it a try. Write some non-fiction. I guarantee your fiction writing will be better for it.

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