I have a confession.

I didn’t write today.

Before you turn your backs on me at the coffee shop, or whisper to your writing group, or report me to the authorities, sometimes it is okay to simply not write.

Don’t make it a habit though!

Some days you just need to input.

Read. Chat. Muse. Listen to something new. Go for a walk and take your camera. Maybe even take a nap.

Sometimes you need to let the creative juices work like a slow cooker. Don’t force it. Let it simmer.

I didn’t write today, but it is okay.

I wrote this blog post after all. I also thought out a key scene in the revision of a novel I had written. I thought about the writing process and what I need to do to improve. I read a little. I had a meal with good friends and we laughed a lot.

So what did you do today?

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