Because the Book has Changed you.

Kristina Olsson is an Australian writer.

In an article for the Guardian newspaper she describes walking across England and discovering that long distance walking and writing a novel are similar things.

She makes the declaration ‘because the book has changed you’ – read the article, it is very good, and you will get the context.

Any artist must be changed by their art. It is a process. Words on a page, paint on a canvas, chisel against marble or stone. As you produce you also are produced.

Each keystroke or pen mark, each word, each description, each character voice, leaves a mark on you, a discernible indent which guides the next stroke/mark, and the next . . .

Whatever you write will change you. Recognise it. Embrace it. Use it in the next word and phrase. You will be a better writer for it.

Maybe even go for a walk.

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